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Be a part of the largerst Technological community by engaging yourself with us. TukiTech represents all the technology Consumers of India and beyond. We are not just here to give you only the information of the technological world we are also here to hear your voices too. You also can tell the community your ideas through our web(online), social media platforms and We’ll certainly listen to you.


It is our belief that we’ve plenty of opportunity infront of us to make this technological industry more bigger. We also believe that technology industry can do more better if we all gather together and give it a push. There are many opportunities Technology industry provides. We should grab those opportunities and give this industry a beautiful shape. But in reality it is very tough to make it happen. In market everyday the demand of technological product is increasing. Technological industry needs to  produce more to meet the demand. Also this industry need to invent more new technologies to feed the hunger of hackers, geeks and computer worms- and to make it happen our industry urgently needs people with high professionalism. If we want to make this industry successful then we all need to work harder because a successful industry needs more hardworkers, good leaders and excellent leadership. We, The TukiTech squad believe that we can provide that kind of hard works and excellent leaders as well as. We believe that with our immense hard work we can give our industry a brand new shape. We also believe that this endeavour of ours will inspire many more excellent minds to come into this industry and with their immense hard work and great ideas they’ll also make this industry very rich. By keeping all these hopes in our hearts and all these spirits in our mind We’ve started this beautiful journey of ours in technological world and we know with your support one day we’ll give this platform a new shape what we always wanted to give.  

PRIVACY POLICY does not give consent to use our content in any other platform or websites. We also don’t allow any kind of third party providers or distributers. We have our very own team and our content and products are very much our own and we don’t give the permission to use it in any other web platforms.TukiTech also doesn’t sell or rent their platform with exchange of money to any other groups or individual perso. Please know does not spread any kind of personal information of their followers and users. If we need to provide your personal information to give you the service you’ve requested we’ll always ask your permission first and will make this exchange very confidential. Also to provide you the needed service if we have to give your information to one of our trusted partners who work with we’ll do the work under extremely strict confidentiality agreements. We’ll only use these informations to communicate with you about our new products or news which you may need. But it is clear that we will not disclose any of your information in any circumstances without your permission.       


We’ll let you know about all the latest news of Technological word, we’ll let you know about all the sensational gadgets also will provide tutorials to operate them with a ease. We also let you know about all the exciting offers that the technology world is providing and make a room for you guys to grab that at once. We are here for satisfy your extreme hunger for technology. We are here to change the view of yours toward this industry. We also provide what you want or suggest to know. You can contact with us and let us know about your curiosity about this world or about any gadgets and we’ll satisfy that curiosity of yours with the information you needed. We will also provide you the information you may need right on your finger tips.


You can contact us with your problem any time you want. If you have technical support questions or need help about something from us then you can mail us at Also if you see any unnatural activity in our website or social media platform and  suspect of hacking please feel free to let us know by sending us mail at


When you access any kind of sites, social media platform,group of TukiTech we’ll believe that you’ve already read,  understood and agree to be legally bound by the terms and conditions of our user agreement and disclaimer, which is as follows: This site is stictly operated only by the TukiTech team and the content which we create and circulate worldwide is entirely possession of and strictly bound and protected with all kind of Copyright and trademark Laws. The Copyright of all the content which TukiTech create is strictly reservered to the company itself. All the restrictions about using contents and materials which TukuTech create and provides by the Subscribers,followers and writes are given below. The subscribers, followers and writers may not republish, modify, copy, reproduce, upload, post, transmit or distribute any of our contents from this site including code, software and designs in any circumstances except some specific authorisation.


If you see any kind of unnatural activity in our site or identified any kind of disturbance in our posts or information that we provide,  we earnestly request to you to please take the steps we mentioned below:   

1. Please connect with us vial email by describing the details of the unnatural activity or disturbance and also attach the screenshots of the activity or screen videos if possible. Mail us at

2. If you don’t  have any problem then please provide your contact details as well as ( contact number, email) to make our investigation easier. Our investigation team may contact you to get more information and inputs of the abnormality to solve the problem.

3. Before you make the post in which you found some abnormality public or want to share in other platform for educational purpose, please give our investigation team some time to fix the problem first. After fixing that you can freely share that information with the world.

4. If you find that problem of our website is threatening to make your personal information public or if you get the hint that the problem is actually a hacker who wants to extract information about our website from you. Then we request you to stop yoyrself from solving the problem. To us our creators and followers are most important. Later with our legal resource we’ll identified the hackers and we’ll take proper legal actions against them if necessary to protect our system, our websiter and our consumers.